Every year, artists and fans alike are adamant that the GRAMMYs are irrelevant in terms of determining what should be considered great music. And that the GRAMMYs shouldn’t hold any weight towards artists accomplishments. However, it is every year that there is uproar on social media over nomination snubs and absences. This year, unfortunately has…More

Does Death Scare You?

I know… talking about death is never a comfortable conversation. However, it is one of, if not the only certainty we have in life. Therefore, I believe talking about it should be done more often. Majority of the people reading this are still relatively young. Death isn’t on your mind, its not the forefront of…More

Can Disloyalty be a Virtue?

Loyalty… Many will say that it is hard to come by nowadays. Unless of course, you’re a multi-billion dollar company and you’ve managed to warp what we refer to as loyalty into mindless discipleship. Anyway, positive thoughts are more often than not associated with loyalty and negative thoughts with disloyalty. Rat, vermin, snake etc all…More