Meditation… Is it Worth it?

I never thought I’d be saying this, but… I’ve started to meditate. I remember sneering and sniggering at people that mentioned taking part in such activities in the past. Referring to the practice as a waste of time and effort.

Well… look at me now.

Surprisingly, after a couple 20-30 minute sessions. I can notice a difference. I’m less inclined to rush through things, as I tend to do. Although, I do still fall back into my old habits, the fact I can identify a change is a good start.

But, what exactly is meditation?

Meditation is basically training in awareness and attaining a healthy sense of perspective.

Now, you could mediate for a handful of reasons: confidence, fear, anxiety etc. Meditation isn’t about trying to get rid of feelings, like the ones I mentioned. But rather about learning how observe these feelings without judgment. Learning how to better understand them in the process.

For myself, as I mentioned earlier. I started to meditate because of my tendency to rush and my stutter. As you could imagine, rushing and stuttering are two things that shouldn’t be put together.

So, I have taken it upon myself to try & slow myself down, in terms of my demeanour. And meditation is the route I have decided to take in search of answers.

Practice makes perfect and I’m eager to see if it’ll make a significant difference or not. I guess I’ll have to wait and see.

Lastly, whilst doing the standard research one does before trying something out. I found out some interesting effects/ facts about meditation and thought I’d share them:

1. Meditation can improve memory

2. Meditation can help reduce blood pressure

3. The brain functions better with meditation

4. Meditations can be the catalyst in overcoming addictions

5. Regular meditation leads to neuro-plasticity in the brain

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