We All Have Desires, Right?

So, Drake dropped what I’d call a stop-gap project yesterday. “Dark Lane Demo Tapes

The Toronto-based rapper announced this release via his socials and also mentioned the drop of his much anticipated 6th album in the summer.

Early twenties, but I want fifties, hundreds, not pennies. I need plenty, got me ready to flip the F out like Fendi” – “Deep Pockets”

Drake is too slick with it. Lyrics like this is why Drake is as successful as he is. I can see an instagram caption in there somewhere. Partner that with his knack for coming up with serious bops, he’s arguably the biggest artist on the planet.

Furthermore, as if the release of this project wasn’t enough, he also treated us to a promotional video too.

Dark Lane Demo Tapes Promo Video

Whatever Drake releases, people are going to buy, watch and stream. He even mentions in “Desires” – “Self- control has never been your thing”. The cojones on this guy, letting us know that we simply don’t know how to act when presented with work by Mr. Graham.

Which makes the release of Tootsie Roll as a single, confuse me. He didn’t need to make a TikTok related single. But the song is still a good record so I can’t be mad at the guy. Dark Lane Demo Tapes has some leaks and Soundcloud entries like: “When To Say When”. As well as some highly anticipated work: “Pain 1993 ft Playboi Carti”.

Drake’s last album didn’t really do it for me. Granted, sales and streams were and still are up. But, in terms of actual content, as well as the deliberate inclusion of “instagram caption records”. It is nowhere near the likes of Take Care or NWTS.

I’m not insinuating that this project is, I still need some more time with it before I can give a definitive verdict. Drake mentioned that the project is a collection of “songs that people have been asking for”. Not much thought has gone into it, on his side. So I’m not being too critical of it.

However, I’m still going to share my opinion. Otherwise what’s the point of the blog ay?

After the first listen, its clear to see that it’s definitely a Drake album/mixtape . “No shit Sherlock” is probably what you’re thinking. But what I mean when I say this, is that Aubrey has kept things safe. It’s full of sounds and vibes that I already associated with the rapper. No experimentation whatsoever. When he mentioned that there were some new joints on here I was excited to hear them, but it’s basically “Views” all over again.

There are some interesting records on there though: “War” for example. Drake jumps on a UK- esque drill instrumental and reverted to his “Link Up TV: Behind Barz” flow. Many didn’t like that “freestyle”, but I beg to differ, I enjoyed it. And I enjoy this record too.

Drake has been accused of being a “culture vulture” on multiple occasions. But my take on the matter is, if you’re good at something. Why stop? The fake outrage would be understandable if the music he makes when he “vultures” was complete ass. But that’s never been the case, they have been pretty good. So I say: what’s the problem?

Moreover, I believe the reason behind this release is that Drake feels that he hasn’t given his fans anything for a considerable amount of time. So he has decided to share at least SOMETHING with us, to keep us satisfied. Music to keep us busy and re-up on our instagram captions with.

Drake did promise that the upcoming album will have more structure and be considerably more “concise” than his previous project. I say, if giving us Dark Lanes Demo Tapes provides the rapper with peace of mind and more time to work. And in the process, enables him to give us 12+ records of absolute fire. Then I’m okay with listening to this in the mean time.

For all the Drake fans out there, what’s your favourite Drake Album?

And what’s your favourite song off of that album? Hit me up and let me know, we can debate about whether you’re right or not!


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