A Breath of Fresh Air for R’N’B Lovers

I HAD to share my thoughts and feelings about this album: A Muse In Her Feelings.

The third studio album of Canadian duo dvsn. A Muse In Her Feelings was released April 17th of this year. I’ve been meaning to and should have already shared my thoughts on this project. But, as they say: there’s no time like the present. With each studio album, it becomes more apparent that Drake has R’N’B royalty signed to his label. These two men, individually are great. But together, are spectacular.

There wasn’t much of a rollout, in terms of promotion for the project, none that I was aware of anyway. Dvsn duo: Daniel Daley and producer Nineteen85 are known for their musical genius. Recent success and a Grammy win for Nineteen85 is evident of this. So when I caught wind of their album I was excited.

During uncertain times, with the issue of COVID-19 hanging over all of us globally. Majority of projects, be it in music, sport or film. Have been cancelled or postponed. However, the lockdown didn’t seem to discourage the duo from releasing their work to the masses.

Earlier this year, American rapper Young M.A. claimed that music didn’t feel the same, due to the lack of R’N’B and R’N’B artists. Understandably, she was met with some backlash on social media. With the majority disagreeing with the Brooklyn born rapper. If there were any doubt in the strength and influence of R’N’B. I’d like to believe that dvsn have dismissed such doubts with this album.

The duo are known for making “bedroom music.” The kind of records you’d play during a Netflix & Chill session, if you catch my drift.

But, this album was different, very different. It was a pleasant surprise. I would have been happy with another 10+ tracks of bedroom bangers. But what they gave us, was even better. What they gave us was… unorthodox, for them anyway.

Don’t get me wrong, the foundation of what has made dvsn so successful was ever present in the album. Daley’s melodic falsetto vocals made multiple appearances. And his creative and descriptive writing was etched into every track on the project. Also, Nineteen85’s ability of producing nostalgia fuelled R’N’B beats was not lost either.

What WAS different was the number of collaborations on the project. The duo never had any features on either of their previous projects. But A Muse in Her Feelings have a handful of features for us.

Other than the popular “Between Us” featuring the beautiful Snoh Aalegra. Daley shares the metaphorical stage with fellow singers: Jessie Reyes (Courtside), Summer Walker (Flawless’ Do It Well Pt 3) and Shantel May (…Again)

PartyNextDoor, Popcaan, Buju Banton, Future and TY Dolla $ign also make appearances in the album. Absolutely jam-packed, if you ask me. Half of the project had features, a big change, a change that worked, a change that I love.

With all these features, you’d think that Daley would at some point lose the limelight to a featuring artist at some point along the way… NOPE. Each song was his, the featuring artists were doing exactly as the term states, featuring.

One of my favourite tracks on the album is “No Good” it gave me “Body Smile” vibes. Also, the outro to the record; in my opinion, makes the song all the more better.

Who hurt that woman… huh?!

“No Good”

Moreover, credit to Nineteen85 for the his work on: “Dangerous City” & “So What.” Adding yet another dimension to their talents. Resorting back to their Caribbean roots. Popcaan and Buju Banton were also the right personnel to call on for the job.

I don’t see myself as much of a Popcaan or Buju Banton fan, but those two records are favourites of mine. Great pieces of work.

This album was not only a success in the sense of the content. But also in the sense of showing the audience that, dvsn are not one-trick ponies. Bedroom music may be be their forte. But, they have shown us that they can step away from that vibe and still produce the goods. They can dip their hands in other genres while saying true to their R’N’B roots. And do so with style.

We’re just two kids from Toronto that are big music lovers, huge hip-hop heads, that just happen to be a producer and a singer.

Dvsn @ Complex

That’s not to say that these songs aren’t bedroom friendly, they most certainly are… but you get what I mean… I hope.

In conclusion, this album was and is a success in my eyes. Overshadowing the prior release of their fellow countryman and OVO member, PartyNextDoor. “Savage Anthem” & “Split Decision” were constantly on repeat before dvsn came along with this project. Now I’m stuck on “No Good”, “Courtside” and “Again.”

The duo have really created something special with this album. Someone send Young M.A. a link to this album and proceed to ask her if she still stands by what she said.

It’s a more than worthy addition to my No Skip album list. Would you agree? Also, which albums could you listen to without skipping over any tracks?

Hit me up, I’d like to know.


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