The 80’s & 90’s were a Golden Era for Music

They don’t make them how they use to

We’ve all heard this phrase before, the first time was from our parents or an older member of your immediate family. It could have also been said about things other than music. For me, it was my parents and it was always concerning music.

There are a some records today that hold the same or similar weight. But the music of that era made you move DIFFERENTLY. This was because the musicians were actual musicians, craftsmen (and women) in their art. Today, any Tom, Dick or Harry can make a song and share it with the world.

However, matching the standards of the 80’s and 90’s in terms of music is by no means an easy feat. You already know of my love for Contemporary R’N’B or how i like to refer to it: Neo Soul. That’s what that era basically was (in my opinion).

Bill Withers, Chaka Khan, Earth, Wind and Fire, Otis Redding, Marvin Gaye, Jackson 5, Rick James, The Temptations, Tami Terrell, George Benson. More or less the entire Motown roster during that period. I could go on stating the names of artists I grew up listening to but we’d be here all day.

I can recall my first encounter with music from that era. It was when I stumbled upon my dad’s Bad by Michael Jackson vinyl album. Listening to that album led me to Thriller, which then opened the flood gates. So to speak, to similar music. It also increased my curiosity and interest to anyone that was associated with the kind of music that was on the Bad album

The music made so much sense, that much so is apparent with the amount of samples that have been made from 80’s and 90’s music. I’ll go out on a limb, and say that 80’s and 90’s music is sampled the most today. Compared to any other decade, simply because the music was amazing. The instruments were crisp, the voices were natural, raw, HUMAN. The whole experience of listening to a song was incredible.

The way the love songs were written and performed, made you wonder if anyone still loves like that anymore. Or if anyone is out there is capable of making you feel the way those musicians felt.

One of my favourite instruments, the saxophone, sounds epic. The noise it produces just sits incredibly well with my soul and spirit. I love it. So understandably, one of my favourite songs is Grover Washington Jr. “Just The Two of Us” featuring Bill Withers. The saxophone solo at the end of the song is amazing, brief, but still so powerful.

I’m still very much in tune and up-to-date with the music that’s being produced today, but once again the saying is true: “They don’t make them how they use to”.

It was sad to hear about the passing of Rock’n’Roll creator: Little Richard. I enjoy some of his music too, “Tutti Frutti” most of all. It’s crazy that the a large number of the people I listen to are no longer with us. And it reminds me that music can make you immortal. People will continue to play your music, long after you’ve turned to dust.

I see myself as a torch bearer for that era of music. We need such people to make sure the music doesn’t die or fade away. Especially with the kind of music the younger generation are bopping their heads.

My child/children WILL be bombarded with music from way before their time. I’ll go as far back as the 60’s. I’ll show them exactly what musical art sounds like. They will be aware of and humming songs they have no business being aware of or humming to.

And that’s on life


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