Did Someone Say New 6LACK Music?

Seems like 6LACK has some new music for his fans and BOY 0 BOY it is about time he dropped something.

Real name: Ricardo Valdez Valentine Jr. 6LACK (pronounced black) has been a constant presence in my life, in terms of the music I listen to, since 2017. His “FREE 6LACK” album was outstanding and made an instant fan out of me. Second album, “East Atlanta Love Letter” as expected followed suit. Both albums are quality and have great replay value.

So, you can imagine my excitement when he dropped this post on Instagram:

The post was captioned: seems like everybody droppin music except me… turn on your post notifications. It’s new music season.

It’s true, all that’s happened/ happening hasn’t seemed to halt proceedings in the manner I thought it would. Many artists have released content amid the pandemic. Singles and albums, the latest being Future and his “High Off Life” project.

6LACK may not have dropped anything in a while, but in terms of collabs and features. He has been pretty active, artists such as Jessie Reyez, Vince Staples, Manny Norte and Alina Baraz. Have had 6LACK featuring on their tracks. Furthermore, word is that 6LACK is expected to have a significant cameo in upcoming album “SPILLIGON” by EarthGang & JID

I’m looking forward to hearing Mr. Valentine on his own track, rather than having 30 or so seconds of him on someone else’s. I hope the new music coming is in the form of an album, rather than a single. Although a single would be much appreciated, I feel like an album would go down much better. In the current climate.

I guess all we CAN do as fans is wait and see what the next couple of days hold… (hopefully an album)


P.S. A fellow blogger I recently came across (mrnstz), likes to put music at the end of each of his posts… maybe I should do the same. It would be a logical thing to do, it’ll provide another thing for my readers to look forward to. Also, it gives me the chance to share my taste in music.

So I’d like to start off such a trend with: 

6LACK – One Way ft T-Pain

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