Ambush Buzzworl: Ask My Brother

I have two Giggs features on the album, only Drizzy got that

Words from the Camden-born British rapper, and he’s not lying. I’ve done my due diligence in hope of proving him wrong. But the search was in vain. With how much of an influential figure that Giggs is, in the grime and UK music scene as a whole. It’s impressive to say the least and in retrospect, Ambush is in great company. The two features being “Silly Events” and “Mass on Sunday” on his latest mixtape Ask My Brother.

Ambush has gifted us with some real subwoofer bangers on this mixtape. The kind of music you can almost taste if played at the right volume. Unknown to many, Ambush has been around much longer than you’d think. His 2012 album titled About My Business is evident of this. So he certainly has the experience, something that shows throughout his latest mix tape and in every piece of work he’s been involved in. It’s no surprise that his efforts come across as nonchalant or mediocre, even though the output is nothing short of spectacular.

On Ask My Brother, he combines his lyrical prowess from his grime roots with hip-hop influenced melodies. An effective combination, singles ”A.M.B (InTRILL)” and ”Winners” are great examples of this. Throughout the mixtape the subject is mainly about the usual, money, drugs, women and mandem/family.

There is also the presence of what some would refer to as 21 questions-esque. “Side Bitch” shows a side of Ambush that isn’t usually on show in his other pieces of music or videos. The same goes for “It’s Me”. It has become acceptable as of late for male rappers in this particular genre of music to show signs of vulnerability or weakness without it being detrimental to street credibility. Because at the end of the day, we’re all humans right?

Moreover, it’s only right that a song with the feel of “The Game’s Mine” has no other than C-Biz featuring on it. Alongside H Moneda, the trio produced a potential future nightclub favourite. I wouldn’t be surprised if it makes the same impression and has a similar influence that “The Game’s Mine” had in 2014/15.

Ambush set aside a chunk of a record to shout out one of his own on “Free Rowdy (Skit)”. I have no knowledge on the matter, but I believe that Rowdy is a friend currently serving time in jail. Also a rapper, Ambush gives him a platform to share some of his penmanship and it was nice to see, or rather hear.

To further illustrate his British roots in my opinion, Ambush included the voiceover of a scene from hit British drama “Peaky Blinders”. In his record “Tommy Shelby”. Where Thomas “Tommy” Shelby shares a childhood memory with communist activist Jessie Eden.

This ain’t New York nah, this ain’t Chicago, this is the ends

I took this as a reply to the assumptions that many Americans have of the British being soft. With their first argument being the way we sound. Ambush then goes on to compare himself to the character played by Cillian Murphy, the exploits of Thomas Shelby are that of a tactician and criminal mastermind. Qualities that Ambush believes he has as well.

“We the Peaky Blinders, I’m Tommy”

It’s clear to see that this album was put together with much thought and not on a whim. The music is great and the feel of it solidifies Ambush’s spot as one of the best rappers and musicians in the country. Ever since Jumpy was released, it was apparent that this was a man that had the flow, wordplay and personality to be a real star. The release of this mixtape has only confirmed this… and then some.

Congratulations to the guy and hopefully he keeps on producing music of this ilk, because I damn sure enjoy it.


Song for today is: Ambush Buzzworl – Tommy Shelby (OutDRILL)

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