Top 5 WWE Finishers of All Time

This list is both 90’s-00’s WWE and Link Up TV influenced. The latter has been uploading a few videos of some finishers on their page lately. And it has brought back memories, nostalgia-filled and all. I was once upon a time, a serious WWE nerd/fan, like many probably were during the 00’s. Arguably the best period of the franchise.

So, I’ve decided to share my top 5 finishers of all time. If you don’t agree with this top 5, argue with your stepdad. If you do; but it’s not in the correct order for you, leave a comment stating which order you think it should be in.

All right, without further ado, lets get into it!

  1. 6-1-9 (Rey Mysterio)

At the time I wasn’t aware of the upper-body strength required to pull off this move. Knowing that now, only makes me appreciate the finisher even more. Rey Mysterio was a favourite of mine. His small stature painted him as the underdog more often than not. But he seemed to feed off that, every time he stepped in the ring it was a 10/10 performance.

Coming in at No. 5, it’s the Ultimate Underdog

  1. Punt Kick & RKO (Randy Orton) :

I couldn’t mention the punt kick without mentioning the RKO. I find it funny that Randy Orton was out there toe punting mandem in the head every week. That shit was hilarious… and crazy might I add. Probably one of the most ruthless finishers (alongside the Tombstone Piledriver). Randy Orton went through a “villain” phase and I’ve got to admit, the punt kick played well with the character he was portraying. I disliked him more because of it.

Take a bow, Randy. You and your finisher(s) have made it into my top 5.

  1. Swanton Bomb (Jeff Hardy)

Yo, this finisher was insane, it’s only right that it belonged to Jeff Hardy. That guy is a nutcase, 1/2 of the Hardy Boyz. And arguably the best one, Jeff Hardy was a crowd favourite because of his reckless and high flying tendencies. I’ll admit, I know they say “Don’t try this at home”. But I definitely tried this on my bed a couple of times when I was younger. I’m genuinely surprised I didn’t hurt myself.

Mr. Hardy’s coming in at No. 3 position.

  1. Stunner (Stone Cold Steve Austin)

Now, you can’t claim to be a or to have been a WWE fan without being a fan of Stone Cold. Steve Austin was a fan favourite, his entrance music alone sent people into a frenzy. Some of the best stunners were performed on The Rock, and thanks to his theatrics. He made viewers love the finisher even more than they did already.

Coming in at No. 2 it’s Mr. Austin 3:16

  1. Sweet Chin Music (Shawn Michaels)

Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve finally reached the No. 1 spot of my best WWE finishers of all time. And rightly so in my opinion the accolade goes to Shawn “The Showstopper” Michaels. Just about beating Stone Cold’s stunner, Shawn Michaels probably has the most realistic finisher in wrestling history.

Congratulations, Mr WrestleMania.

I’m glad that I grew up watching content like this, it was a big part of my childhood. I’m also glad that the franchise’s best years were during my childhood and when it was probably most acceptable for me to be watching men pretend fight each other in briefs.


The song for today has nothing to do with wrestling but it’s a song I currently have on repeat: Alex Isley – Gone ft Jack Dine

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