Let me fill you in on something you may not already know: pretty much everything in life is dependant on balance. Not too much, not too little. But rather that “sweet spot”, the “middle ground. A bit of both seems to present and provide a sense of satisfaction or contentment.


Being a sports fan, I will use sport to try and further explain my point. In terms of team tactics, when they are “balanced” the team have set up themselves to adapt to anything (or tactic rather) that is thrown at them. Other tactics such as the “offside trap”, “constant pressure” have counteracting methods that work well in bypassing the tactic. However, having balance, you are steadfast, neutral. With a combination of all tactics in play, you’re in a favourable position. Especially when you are considerably adept in any particular tactic. This is all before individual talent and teamwork come into play, but I hope you catch my drift.

Think about some of the things that you are/were told constantly growing up and subconsciously in the media. For me, in this moment in time. Saving is a big part of my life now, saving up to move out, for a car, and simply because it’s perceived as the right and intelligent thing to do.

“Put some money away for a rainy day” – my mum use to always say to me. But without balance, this is not ideal advice to give. Living a completely frugal lifestyle may be perceived as acceptable by many. But it really isn’t, it will become mentally and physically exhausting after a while. But having a balanced plan in place to taking savings seriously, but also know when you deserve to treat yourself, goes a long way.


I mean, we don’t live forever and we also don’t know when out last day on the planet will be. So why would you want to forcibly restrict yourself from doing some of the things that you want to do. The balance will keep you sane, and also remind you why you’re saving up in the first place.

I like nice things, so saving up was and has always on the table for me. To be financially stable and independent is a goal for me. A goal I wish to accomplish very soon. Now, if I wasn’t prepared to splurge on occasion, then I believe that I would regret it down the line. Especially because, much to the disagreement of many. Money isn’t the be all and end all.

DaVido’s renowned “have money o” remark just echoed in my head.

He’s correct, having money is integral to living a long and comfortable life, but it’s important to bear in mind that not only is DaVido the nephew of one of the richest men in Nigeria. But he is also a global superstar in his own right, it’s safe to assume that money is not much of an obstacle for the man. He’s able to live lavishly, treat himself on a regular basis and still have money left over for a “rainy day”.

For the average man now, with but a fraction of the money. Is that to say he/she shouldn’t enjoy some of the money that he/she works hard to acquire? I believe that he/she should.


Too much of anything is bad, one of the keys to really enjoying life is to do things in moderation and not in excessive. You want to save? Go for it, however, that does not mean you will have to sacrifice the option of actually living too.

The two words to take away from this today are: Moderation and Balance. Start balancing things out and doing things in moderation and I guarantee, you will see a difference in your lifestyle and your life as a whole.


The song for today is: Lucky Daye – Buying Time

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