Transition of Taste in Music

Like many residents of South-East London, drill/trap was the epicentre of my Spotify/Apple Music playlist. It was pretty much all I listened to back when I was still living in the capital.

It wasn’t till I made the move to Kent with my family, that my music tastes and preferences started to change. The factors and/or aspects responsible for such a change are still uncertain. It could’ve been the change of scenery, maybe not being around the music all the time played a part. Anyway, it only took a couple of months after me moving to Kent before I completely stopped listening to drill. With one genre of music dropped, another was picked up. This other genre was RnB/Soul, now I was not new to RnB/Soul. I grew up listening to my sister listen to music that fell under the genre of music.

But I never took much of a liking to it because up until very recently, my choice of music depending on the artist and the beat (instrumental). I was never open to discovering new artists and that really restricted me from widening my horizons. Looking back, its interesting because with the amount of amazing artists active right now that I have not even discovered yet is mind boggling.

My best bet is that my sudden change of genre interest boils down to growing up and adding much more significance to what is being said in the music I listen to. Drill has become too violent for me, especially since I’ve never lived that kind of life. I can not relate to the music, and if I am unable to relate then I won’t be able to enjoy it. That takes me on to my second reason, I relate more to RnB/Soul. Not only are the beats/instrumentals a joy to experience but the lyrics hold significance to me too. They are lyrics I am able to relate to.

I had this conversation with my brother-in-law, and he went through a similar transition. The only difference was that in his time the popular genre was Garage and UK Funk. He also mentioned that I’ve made the transition earlier than he did and further went on to say that he gives me 2-3 years before I’m listening to Jazz.

I can’t argue with him there, because I do love the saxophone…

Think back 3-5 years ago, are you still listening to the same kind or genre of music that you were back then. Most of you won’t be, and this leads me to believe that ultimately the transition of taste in music comes down to age and life experiences. We instinctively seek out music that provides us with nostalgia as well as music that is relatable to our current state of mind and situation.

The whole subject is really interesting.


The song for today is: Good & Plenty – Alex Isley, Masego & Jack Dine

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