THE Best Hobby I’ve Ever Had.

Feels good to finally be able to utilise my gym membership again. What was effectively 4-months being locked out of the gym (within good reason). Felt more like 7-8, my body at the end of the heightened restrictions was evident of my lack of exercise and also my careless eating habits.

I grew the famed “uncle gut” and my weight shot up from 97KG to 105KG. Being back at the gym for a week now has been a breath of fresh air for me. It’s more than just a means of keeping physically fit, it holds benefits mentally too. I feel a lot more productive after a gym session and I tend to get more things done after visiting the gym.

It is a getaway for me, a place where I can go and forget about life for an hour and a half. Just clear my mind and lift some weights, having a means of escape is very important. Especially in the current climate, life isn’t exactly amazing at the moment. 2020 has been pretty awful so far, so having the opportunity to forget about that. Or to be distracted from it rather, is something I value significantly.

Also, some other fun facts about frequent gym visits:

  • Boosts brainpower
  • Counteracts stress
  • Increases energy and improves overall fitness
  • Helps ward off disease
  • Strengthens relationships and encourages new ones

As I was saying earlier, I gained a considerable amount of weight in lockdown. (97KG to 105 KG) I’ve done myself an injustice. Months and months worth of hard work, practically down the drain. And I only have myself to blame, (the late night snacks and drinks were delicious though!) now that I am starting off again from a worse state than I left off. Some workouts are understandably harder than I remember them being.

But I like to look at the glass as half full and I see this as an opportunity to start over and improve my form along the way. Better than I did in the past, something that I still struggle with. Also my lower back thanks me for going to the gym again, that hyperextension machine was a killer.

Here’s to more lifts and increased strength *thumbs up*


The song for today is Omah Lay – Damn

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