Burna Boy: Twice As Tall

Much to my surprise and satisfaction, Burna Boy dropped an album yesterday. Titled Twice As Tall, I instantly knew he was about to be in his conceited bag with the project.

After spending a few minutes listening, it appeared that my assumptions were correct. Although, the arrogant overtone of the album wasn’t a put off. Neither was it unwarranted, Burna Boy has made significant progress in his career recently. And it hasn’t been done to luck, he’s put in the work. I would go say that his arrogance is pretty much bang on the line between confidence/ great self-esteem and vanity.

Songs such as: Naughty By Nature, 23, Onyeka, Way Too Big and Real Life immediately resonated with me. It showcased vintage Burna Boy for me, they were instant additions to my playlists.

With this being his second album in as many years, Burna seems to be on a roll. And doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon either. Thankfully, in midst of his current creative outburst, he still gave us a pretty standard 15-track album and resisted the urge to bombard us with 30 tracks in Chris Brown-esque fashion.

One of the many things that I admire and value about Burna Boy, is that he hasn’t abandon his roots in his music. Of course, there have been jokes of him being a culture vulture in the past, a running joke that began with the release of one of his earliest tracks, Don Gorgon. However, I believe that as long as he doesn’t detach himself from his Yoruba/Nigerian roots then what does it matter? It only highlights his versatility and connection with cultures other than his own.

Personally, I love the song…

The album has a excellent mix of afrobeat, hip hop and pop. There is something in this album for everyone. For the majority of the project, Burna Boy goes solo. With only 5 features out of the 15-tracks on the album. His single Wonderful, slots in well with the album and overall the project was cohesive and a delight to listen to. It definitely has playback value, this won’t be the last time I visit it.

If you’ve been a Burna Boy fan prior to reading this, then you most likely already know of the album release. But for those that aren’t too familiar with his work. Although this is his 6th album, I believe it is still a good introduction to who Burna Boy is as an artist.

With this instalment, Burna Boy looks set to increase his fan base and brand awareness. Really putting an emphasis on the title of the project: Twice As Tall.

Check it out!


The song for today is: Naughty By Nature – Burna Boy ft Naughty by Nature.

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