Intermittent Fasting (Continued)

My first blog about intermittent fasting was received pretty well, so I decided to return with an update on my journey with the time restricted practice.

So, my 36HR fast went down well. It was during the fast that I came to terms with the kind of relationship I have with food. I don’t remember necessarily feeling ”hungry” and post the 36HR mark, I could have went on longer if it was asked of me.

I also came to the realisation that I don’t recall the last time actually being “hungry” . Which is a privilege, might I add. But, I have also had a set time all my life for when I should be eating breakfast, lunch and dinner. Society will tell you directly and subconsciously that breakfast is between 6-10AM, lunch is 12-2PM and dinner 4-7pm.

I’ve stuck to these windows (with the occasional late night snack) all my life. But, it never occurred to me that during those times, It didn’t occur to me to stop and ask myself if I was indeed hungry. It’s been programmed/conditioned into me to eat at these times, so eating or wanting to eat at these times just became second nature.

So back to the 36HR fast, I found that out that with the aid of water. I was capable of abstaining from the consumption of food for 48HRS with ease. My energy levels remained the same, I didn’t feel weak or irritable. And declining food wasn’t difficult either.

However, when it come to working out at the gym on a so called “empty stomach” that’s when I noticed a difference. I was quick to tire, my muscles would also tire quickly and I was finding it difficult to carry weights I was lifting prior to starting intermittent fasting.

Today was one of the hardest workouts I’ve had to date. I struggled a fair deal. And the reason behind this (after a conversation with my sister) was that my body was not accustomed to burning fat for fuel as opposed to burning glucose/the food I consume. So when there is no “fuel” to burn, my body is understandably confused and the outcome is a half assed deadlift or a wobbly squat.

Additionally, the fact that I recently increased my workout duration to 2HRS did not do me any favours either. It was an ongoing battle between mind and matter.

As I progressed, things got easier though. It took my body some time to register that it needed to burn an alternative source for energy. But in the end, it caught the drift and acted accordingly.

In conclusion, I see intermittent fasting as something that I will continue to practise. It’s benefits outweigh its disadvantages significantly and its also a something that’ll make working out at the gym even more of a challenge.


The song for today is: Some Kinda Love – LOONY

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