He Took His Darn Sweet Time, Didn’t He?!

Yesterday was a marvelous day…

Chicken burger and fries for dinner, and the highly anticipated announcement of Arsenal striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. Penning a 3-year deal at the club. Keeping him in North London till 2023.

In such Arsenal fashion, the club made the fans wait an awfully long time before officially making the announcement. Which led the media and Arsenal faithful alike into a “will he, wont he” frenzy. Aubameyang finished last season as Arsenal’s top scorer and a goal shy of Golden Boot winner, Jamie Vardy.

It was evident that Arsenal needed his services, and without him the club would be in a real predicament. Especially with the lack of Champions League football, attracting quality players to the club would have been an uphill task.

In the past, Arsenal have lost their best players because of expired contracts and/or differences in ambition. Robin Van-Persie, Samir Nasir, Cesc Fabregas and Aaron Ramsey are a few names that come to mind.

The fact that the Gabon international opted to stay with the club is extremely reassuring. And to also sign a multiple year deal, shows that he believes in what Arsenal are setting out to achieve in the foreseeable future under Mikael Arteta.

Additionally, with the recent recruitment of players such as Willian from Chelsea and Gabriel from Ligue 1 side Lille. And the philosophy that Mikael Arteta has brought to the club, now added with the signing of Aubameyang to a long-term deal. The North London side now stands as quite an attractive project. A project that many a player would want to be a part of.

With how long it took them to annouce this news, you would have thought they had a big reveal to announce alongside the great news. Wishful thinking had me wonderig if they were going to do a Gabriel-esque announcement and have Aubameyang on Zoom with Thomas Partey and Houssem Aouar. But it was just a minute and a half video (if that). But, don’t get me wrong the video was appreciated, a subtle tear-jerker if you ask me.

Maybe next week we’ll get those announcements… fingers crossed.

Here’s to 3 more years of Aubame-what? Aubame-who? Aubame-bludcart-yang 🙂


The song of the day is: Clutch (feat. Kiana LedĂ©) – Col3trane’

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