Water Off a Duck’s Back


A phrase that use to annoy the living daylight out of me. Some of the thoughts that closely followed such a statement were:

Who are you to tell me how I should be feeling

It’s not that deep to YOU dipshit”

No one asked you for your input, Captain 2-Pence

I have plenty more, but we’ll be here all day. I took serious offence to that being said to me. When in all honesty, things were not deep at all 95% of the time. I’ll double back and add that we all over-react a lot and it’s usually to such minuscule situations.

Ego and pride are the main culprits, although the latter can be beneficial in small doses. There is a fine line separating self-esteem pride and narcissistic and egotistical pride. We gotta make sure that we are on the right side of that line. Or life is going to be so very shitty.

It’s in human nature to be inclined to believe that the world revolves around you, your interests and beliefs. Social media has only put Pegasus wings onto this ideal by giving us the ability to follow like-minded people all across the world. Which in turn creates a social bubble that can be easily misconstrued as general knowledge or belief.

So many things that use to weigh down on me in the past seem extremely trivial and borderline nonsensical. It was all down to my fragile ego and misplaced entitlement. Men have fragile ego’s, a very brittle thing. This is why men find it harder to forgive infidelity and why they are so easily influenced.

But enough of the bashing of the mandem, women aren’t any better. This is a human being issue. The sooner we learn to let things go and care less about how things may look to others. The sooner we will be able to really enjoy life.

Criticisms and just plain opinions of others shouldn’t have such a heavy impact on your mood and overall well-being. Thick skin is a rare attribute, an attribute that I wish to acquire, develop and in the end master.

In cases like this, a nonchalant attitude is key. Do what you want to do and be who and what you want to be. No one is living your life with you, so why should other people’s thoughts have such an influence on how you live your life.

I’m no better than the next man, I still have some learning and practicing to do when it comes to this. But the first step is acknowledging the issue, and that is what I’ve done. Now, what’s left is how I can tackle and eventually change my mindset.


The song for today is: NO ONE’S IN THE ROOM – Jessie Reyez

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