Lockdown 2.0 Feels Different

We can all cast our minds back to the day the first lock-down was enforced. The majority of us knew what was in store, as we had already witnessed other countries go into lock-down via social media and the news. Prior to it happening in the UK.

I can remember how it was initially supposed to be for a 4 weeks, I also remember how those 4 weeks changed in 8 weeks. And then 12 weeks, and then ended up being 16+ weeks in quarantine.

So it would be safe to assume, that now we are back in lock-down. We should all be mentally and physically prepared for it again. Well, that’s what I thought anyway. But, after a couple days of being in lock-down again, It doesn’t feel the same.

There is much more anxiety involved for me, this time around. Maybe this is down to the absence of naivety. I’m aware that the chances of this lock-down lasting a month are pretty low and also because that means that it will seep into the new year if it is longer than 4 weeks.

Granted, on a normal day I don’t get out much. Prior to any lockdown, I seldom left the house for any recreational activities or reasons (excluding the gym). But, things have changed since we came out of the first lock-down. Professionally and personally, I now have reason to step out the house. But this has put a halt to all of that.

It’s not like we aren’t allowed to go outside, but if you’re not visiting your local bank, an essential worker, vising the GP or doing your weekly grocery run. There is nothing outside for you at the moment. Not to mention the internal sense of guilt you feel when you step out for non-essential reasons. You think to yourself “do I really need to be outside right now

The whole situation has prompted me to appreciate technology, and my devices all the more. Because they are the only things that are and have been keeping me sane.

ANYWAY, to try and end this on a positive note… Being in lock-down now could mean that we are able to celebrate Christmas the way we want to. And with how anti-climatic this year has been. A grand Christmas is required. Also, with the lock-down, comes the opportunity to save an extra tenner here and there. Which will come in handy during the festive season.

Glass half full and all that jazz…


I’ll leave: Great To Be – Big Zuu for you guys. A real favorite of mine at the moment. Take in the lyrics and also check out Big Zuu’s Big Eats!

2 responses to “Lockdown 2.0 Feels Different”

  1. I can relate to this. A huge reason this lockdown has increased my anxiety I believe, is because I know it won’t be for 4 weeks but as you rightly said; will most likely continue into next year.

    Maybe if the government was clear on this from the get go, I would probably feel a little bit better 🙆🏾‍♂️
    Self-care is absolutely crucial in this time and thankfully this platform and other social media sites can allow us to remain connected with like minded people. 🤞🏾

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    1. Definitely, I agree with all you’ve said. So grateful for technology because without it, who knows where we’d be in this current situation.

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