Omarion: Kinection

Omarion has never been a favorite of mine when it came to artists, or music. I admit, “Ice Box” is and forever will be a classic record. I remember that being the first song I body popped to. But that is the only song of his that I can relate to. Albeit, he has an extensive discography, thanks to his B2K days as well as his ongoing solo career.

None of the other songs have stuck or made a lasting impression on me prior to Kinection. If you know me, you’ll know that I don’t follow artists social media accounts, unless I really fuck with them as a person. So being aware of upcoming projects has never been a strength of mine. Especially when I don’t follow them, I’m in my own little world/bubble. So the fact that I was oblivious that Omarion even had a project in the works; let alone the fact that he dropped it, didn’t surprise me.

Moreover, I enjoy these kind of surprises. Especially during my weekly search of new music, its nice to see a whole project from an artist you’re at least familiar with.

Kinection is put together incredibly well, I say this a lot. But its not just a collection of songs that have been put together. Each song complements each other, the cohesion is there to see. Also, as the album’s name says this is the kind of music that you and a potential or significant other connect over. The album has a melancholic undertone to it, it’s truly a kick-back sort of album. But that doesn’t mean it wont go off at a function or in a club. It’s definitely transferable in that sense. The music on the album is right up my alley, relatable lyrics over immersive instrumentals.

Another plus is the length of the album. I would say that 10-14 songs is the sweet spot for an album. You want to show your talents, but you also don’t want to bore or overwhelm your audience. I believe that Omarion did just that, a mere 34 minutes of good music. Great stuff. I wouldn’t have been annoyed with 2+ more songs, (taking it up to 15-16) that is how much I enjoyed the project. But nonetheless, 34 minutes well spent.

Single’s “Can You Hear Me” and “Involved” slotted in well with the mood of the album. I’ll go as far as to say that they made the album better. Sometimes, singles lose their allure once the full project comes out. But that wasn’t the case this time around. A notable mention of “Mutal” ft Wale too. Wale never disappoints whenever he features on a track.

I do have one question though – was the inclusion of “B2K Experience” a dig at his past group members (especially Lil Fizz) or am I putting too much thought into nothing?

I’ll leave you to ponder on that.


The song for today is: Can You Hear Me ft. T-Pain

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