Every year, artists and fans alike are adamant that the GRAMMYs are irrelevant in terms of determining what should be considered great music. And that the GRAMMYs shouldn’t hold any weight towards artists accomplishments.

However, it is every year that there is uproar on social media over nomination snubs and absences. This year, unfortunately has been no different. Twitter in particular was the hotspot ( as is usually the case) for discontent. Nicki Minaj, Justin Beiber and The Weeknd were only some of prominent names in music today, that shared their thoughts via social media.

Surprisingly, The Weeknd was not nominated for anything this year. Even though the artist had arguably the best year of his career. With the release of his album After Hours and his hit single Blinding Lights.

Back to the vicious cycle that so many find themselves in with the GRAMMYs. This isn’t the first time that the Recording Academy have come out with nominations that didn’t make sense or accurately reflected the year of music. Neither has it been the first time that they have blatantly ignored the efforts of artists that have at least deserved the recognition let alone deserved the award.

If this is in fact a “normal occurrence” then why there is always disbelief and discontent is puzzling to me. There is a famous Albert Einstein saying that comes to mind, when I think about this:

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results

I can most certainly understand the allure and respect that comes with having “grammy-nominated” or “grammy-winning” in front of your name as an artist. But music has grown and evolved so much ( especially black cultural influenced music) that recognition from old white men that are only interested in the politics of things doesn’t seem healthy to me. It’s a battle you wont win, not anytime soon anyway.

Shit needs to stop, if you ask me


The song for today is: Meek Mill – Pain Away ft. Lil Durk

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