Boris Johnson and Capitalism

Boris Johnson isn’t the first disliked Prime Minister, and he certainly won’t be the last. “Being disliked” seems to come with the territory of being Prime Minister.

However, one thing that Boris (along with his recently impeached doppelganger) possess, that past PM’s did not, is the title of “worst ever”. Some may say that Margaret Thatcher is a more than eligible candidate for such an award, and even though I wasn’t alive during her term as PM. From what I have learnt, it leads me to believe that despite her “iron fist” way of doing things. She wouldn’t have allowed what has happened, to happen. If she was in power during this pandemic (hot take)

Mr Johnson’s whimsical and capricious personality has lost its appeal and charm with the public. Now the majority of the UK see the man for what he is… incompetent and dense.

His, alongside with the government’s inability to effectively handle the current pandemic we see ourselves. I’m not usually the one to compare, but here I am, about to. How other countries have reacted to the problem and how our government has is alarmingly contrasting.

The origin-country of the virus, China (Wuhan to be exact) have since returned to a normal-ish way of life. But let’s not forget their efforts when the city was a hotspot for COVID-19. Rigorous restrictions were almost instantaneously put in place to tackle the problem. No one could leave or enter the city, with the streets sanitized frequently. Citizens frequently had their temperatures checked, with face masks being mandatory/law

Meanwhile, what was the case here in the UK? Were we doing anything even remotely similar?

We were encouraged to clap every Thursday at 8 pm for an NHS that is still understaffed, underpaid and were at the time without suitable PPE. Empty gestures, although thoughtful. That wasn’t doing anything to help the situation we were and still are in

Trade and travel went on as per with no precautionary systems put in place. In airports, passengers could come and leave as they pleased, without any resistance. Eventually, the government decided to go into a national lockdown. But the rules weren’t clearly stated. Initially, it was a 2-4 week lockdown, but it ended up being a 4-month lockdown

Frustration and restlessness resulted in people revolting. To make things even more confusing, the government introduced the “Eat Out To Help Out” scheme. And the public was encouraged to do what scientists and health officials previously said to be unwise.

If travel temporarily stopped during the lockdown. The scheme would have made a little more sense. But that wasn’t the case. So this resulted in a majority catching the virus, bringing all of us back to square 1. And the rest is history, a second lockdown, followed by a third. A cancelled Christmas and the introduction of new tiers

All of this in the name of capitalism, while children go hungry, MP’s are given weekly “lunch allowances” on top of a substantial salary. To my understanding, travel continues to be allowed in and out of the country. (with the new introduction of isolation hotels) Instead of halting recreational travel in and out of the country, and getting a foothold on the situation.

With all this happening, maybe an iron hand was what we need. As opposed to the feeble and indecisive hand that is evident to see within this Tory government.


Things got a little serious there. On a much lighter note, the song for today is:

Odeal – 24 / 48

5 responses to “Boris Johnson and Capitalism”

  1. This is a very thought-provoking entry. I definitely share the same sentiments as you do. Inconsistency is truly to be blamed here and things won’t get better until the government and those in “power” choose to change. Will we ever live to see this change though? 🤔 One can only hope….

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    1. Exactly, we can only hope!

      Thank you for reading

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  2. Dez you nailed it. As a person who was a child under Thatcher I can tell you she was awful. “Thatcher the milk snatcher” we called her. She took my milk. (Google it!). Johnson however, is a whole different league. He took my hope.

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    1. Wow, I obviously need to brush up on my history knowledge! And definitely, it’s been an absolute pain to witness Boris in power.

      Thank you for reading Owen

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  3. I am 47 and have disliked various prime ministers before. But never have I loathed anyone as much as Johnson. He is not suitable for that or any other job. Liar at worst, incompetent at best. I cannot stand anything a out him or anything he has ever done or ever will do.


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