3 Things You Shouldn’t Do During Lockdown

With what feels like an eternity, has only been a month in Lockdown 3.0. During this time we have developed habits, both positive and negative, which we didn’t have pre-palladium. 

Well, I’m here to name a few habits that I have found detrimental (too dramatic?) to our health. Be that mentally, financially or physically. So without further ado, let’s get into it. 

  1. Using 1 Space for Multiple Activities
I know some of your rooms are looking like this. Clean up!

It’s more than likely that since the first lockdown, our bedrooms and communal spaces have been the hotspot for most of the things we’ve done and the things we do. Entertainment, socialising (virtually), work and of course, relaxation and sleep.

The bad thing about doing this is that our brain becomes confused with the purpose of the environment. Is it a place for rest, or a place for relaxation and socializing, or is it an environment for concentration and professionalism. 

The brain will ask these questions, and because the brain is excessively habit-orientated. It will associate the most prominent activity that in any given environment, to that environment. For example, individuals that spend most of their time in their bedroom are more likely to suffer from insomnia.
The brain associates the bedroom with movement, stimulation and activity. So when it comes to bedtime, being in the same environment and wanting to sleep confuses the brain. This activity isn’t what it associates with the environment.

It’s as simple as thinking about what you do in any particular area or room of your home. If it’s something you wouldn’t like to associate with the environment, try and do them somewhere else or more appropriate.

Those with less or limited space (flat and apartment owners) instead of allocating a room, allocate an area. For example, gamers can only play their video games when they are in a chair, instead of being in bed.

2. Over-Eating

I mean, an extra serving of ice cream isn’t going to do any harm… WRONG.

Now we have nowhere to go (other than the supermarket) nothing to do and no one to see. A majority of us have fallen victim to “boredom eating”. Trips to the supermarket are no longer just essentials, but for foods that will (or that we hope will) keep us relatively happy and pre-occupied. With it being the highlight of most of our weeks, we are more inclined to go all out when the time for the grocery re-up arrives. And let’s be honest, fruit and vegetables are the last things on our minds, I can relate with you on that.

We are on the lookout for “comfort food”.

In doing so, we purchase things we would usually have sparely, pre-pandemic, in large quantities. (no more than 4, or else the till assistants get very cross) Namely, cakes, alcohol, (some of us were already over-indulging and now it’s reached another level) pastries, takeaways, foods high in saturated salts and fats etc.

Some effective methods to tackle “boredom eating” are:

> Use a distraction: Try and take up a new hobby, such as reading, writing, arts and crafts etc. Something that grabs your attention and engages you to the extent that you forget or significantly minimize your cravings.

> Meditation: Before people attack me with “how does this help, it’ll only make me think about eating more”. Unlike my first method of using distractions, this option is a long-term solution. By regularly meditating you will slowly become comfortable with just “existing”, the over-stimulating world we live in today has conditioned us to feel uncomfortable (or bored) when we have nothing at all to entertain us. Meditation will help you to embrace stillness and in time, enjoy it.

> A Healthy Alternative: The final method is if the others are have not affected your eating habits. Whenever you feel like eating more than necessary, have a healthy alternative (eat more fruit and veg!). Try buying healthy or healthier snacks and finger foods. If this doesn’t stop you from over-eating, at least you’ll be consuming something good for the body.

3. Neglecting your personal hygiene


Have some respect, not only for yourself but also for the noses of your fellow family members. I can accept a day without having a shower, but that is the absolute maximum amount of day(s) that you should go. Not only is it harmful to your physical health, but it’s just as bad for your mental health too. And we don’t need anything else compounding our mental state, COVID-19 and the lockdown are already have the role.

And there you have it 3 things you shouldn’t be doing during lockdown. Do you guys have anymore additions to the list? Hit me up and we can discuss it, amongst other things. My socials are on my “About” page


The song for today is: Blxst – Hurt

6 responses to “3 Things You Shouldn’t Do During Lockdown”

  1. Nice list. For parents I would recommend not even trying to “home school”, just keep the kids’ brains engaged on something for a couple hours a day, and don’t expect yourself to be a school teacher. I would also say for parents generally, go on Amazon and buy a decent set of noise cancelling headphones. Essential. 🙂

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    1. I’ll pass this information on to my sisters! Thank you 😂

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  2. I definitely stand by #1 100%! I had insomnia BAD and couldn’t figure it out until I started going back to work and being able to sleep again. I’m pretty sure the walls were caving in on me and my mind was confused on what to do in that room.

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    1. Thank you for sharing, I’ve been there also. It’s difficult to not stay in bed, especially when there is nothing to do and nowhere to go.

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      1. Thats so true, hopefully the world will change back soon.

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  3. Two and three are especially important.

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