Pink Sweat$’ PINK PLANET

Pink Sweat$ may not be on the average music listeners playlist nor will his incredible content creation talents be general knowledge, but this debut album is sure to change all of that.

Real name David Bowden and born in Philadelphia, USA. Pink Sweat$ has been making some noise with a handful of great singles, such as “Ride With Me” and “Cadillac Drive“.

The story behind the name of the album is one I can relate to. He says that the pink planet was a place he created as a means of escape from his reality. A reality, that according to him, wasn’t as beautiful or inviting as his creation. 

He sings on the first track of the album “when you are cold and all alone, you can build a city and call it home“. David’s pink planet is evident in this, with music being a comforter and a means of escape for me too, it was relatable, and thus made the experience for me the way the artist (I’d like to believe) would’ve intended, otherworldly

It’s another addition to my “no skip album” collection, alongside “Painted” “Take Care” “Made in Lagos” “Free 6LACK” and “Common Sense

The song titled “Magic” is the best on the project at the moment although that could easily change with more listens, it’s the track that has made an immediate impression on me.

Heaven” comes in at a close second, I especially enjoy the guitar solo at the end and the music video provides great visuals that coincide well with the lyrics and overall meaning of the song. 

Pink Sweat$ is definitely one to watch and keep tabs on, there is always talks of who is “next up” or who is the next in line to super stardom. With his track-record and talent I genuinely believe that his is due to make some real noise, not only in his genre crowd (RnB/Soul) but also in the music industry as a whole.

Pink Sweat$, Pink Planet sounds incredibly pleasant which leads me to believe that it looks just as, if not more incredible in your head. All I can say is thank you allowing us into your world, it’s pretty spectacular.

The song for today is obviously: Pink Sweat$ – Magic

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