5 Artists You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

Music is such a great pastime, motivator and comforter, an ancient way of expression. Music was heavily integrated with the lifestyle of our ancestors millennia’s ago and continues to go strong today with us. With much more time on our hands, we are granted the opportunity to delve into our interests, both old and new. It enables us to focus on things that didn’t hold much importance to us in the past.

Maybe it’s a delayed home renovation, or a hobby that you previously didn’t have the time, motivation or energy for. Now, people are trying new things or have the time to delve deeper into current hobbies.

In my case, I have had the opportunity search for and listen to new artists. I have recently noticed that in the past I was on repeat, in terms of the music and artists I listened. I had a playlist of music that I played, whenever I wanted to listen to music. It became a part of my routine, this inhibited me from looking for new music and artists. It was the same 30-40 tracks everyday.

And because of this, I have new artists that I’d like to share with you. (because good music is always better when you share it with friends) So without further ado, lets get into this list!

  1. Otis Kane: Born in Los Angeles, (real name Anthony Vasquez) Otis Kane has worked with the likes of Nelle Hooper, Wiz Khalifa, Jonas Brothers and Pink Sweat$.

2. VanJess: A duo, VanJess consist of sisters Ivana and Jessica Nwokike, born in Lagos, Nigeria. The sisters cover of Drake’s “Headlines” caught attention online and eventually landed them a record deal with RCA Records

3. LoverboyBass: Born in Modesto, California, LoverboyBass (not sure what his real name is yet) doesn’t even have a large following on social. Despite the quality of his music, maybe it’s because he hasn’t hit “mainstream” yet. And I don’t believe he’s signed to a label, however, I don’t think that will be the case for long.

4. MORGAN: Born in London, MORGAN (Morgan Connie Smith) was on Britain’s Got Talent in 2016 and is apart of the growing group of young and promising RnB talents in the UK.

5. RAAHiiM: RAAHiiM is a singer from Brampton, Canada. With talents such as Drake, Justin Beiber, PartyNextDoor, Weeknd and Tory Lanez coming out of Canada, its no surprise that this guy has talent. His debut EP “ii KNEW BETTER” is worth a listen.

And that’s it, 5 artists you probably haven’t heard of, the list is heavily RnB related but that’s because it’s the genre of music I listen to the most.

Untill next time…


The song for today is: Tempest – Not The Same

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