A Glimpse of Silk Sonic

Bruno Mars and Anderson. Paak gave the masses a taste of what’s to come and increased anticipation for the duo’s joint-album with the record “Leave The Door Open“. The news of their collaboration late last month was exhilarating. Bruno Mars had that run a few years back (2012-2016), where every record he dropped was elite. A run that propelled him into superstardom, so much so for him to perform in the Super Bowl L Half-Time Show, alongside Beyoncé and Coldplay

Bruno Mars has shown us, time and time again, that he has a knack for creating great music. His last album, 24K Magic, was instrumental in his journey to performing on the Half-Time show. But, that isn’t the only thing, his presence; Bruno Mars is a natural-born performer. Something tells me that the records “24k Magic“, “That’s What I Like“, and “Versace on The Floor” wouldn’t have been as successful had someone else performed them. 

He emits a feel-good vibe that sits well with me and generally makes him more likeable. It’s been a real journey since the days of “Grenade“. 

Anderson. Paak hasn’t performed in front of millions alongside names such as Beyoncé at a half-time show. However, his musical genius is on par, some may argue better than Bruno Mars’. The fact that they are both incredible artists in their own right makes the duo such an exciting concept. A comparison would be if Tesla and Amazon came together to create a driverless delivery service for Amazon prime subscribers. Two giants, coming together to create something great.

The average listener will be able to see the similarities between the pair. Not only in music but personality also. 

Paak’s last album was an 11-track project called “Ventura” (2019) with features like Andre 3000Jazmine SullivanBrandy and Nate Dogg. It should go without saying the calibre of music that he has made and is making. But other than that, Califorian-born artist is also a credible record producer and multi-instrumentalist. He has released an instrumental-only version of his last two albums (Ventura and Oxnard) it gives the listener a chance to focus on and digest the combination of instruments, the mastering and general hard work that goes into making the music that so many of us love.

Separately, both men are specular, so together they should be even better right?

Leave The Door Open,” says YES. It sounded a lot how I envisioned music by the pair to sound. Silky smooth, reminiscent of the Isley Brothers‘ “Summer Breeze” or The Temptations‘ “Treat Her Like a Lady“. I’m a sucker for Motown-era influenced music, so the track sits incredibly well with me. I love it. Sometimes, simplicity (or even the illusion of it) is necessary for excellence.

It feels like this song was created in one take, not to say that it comes across rushed or unfinished. On the contrary, it tells me that making great music is second-nature for these men, and they are only getting started.

I’m really looking forward to the album.


The song for today is: Leave the Door Open Silk Sonic

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