Omarion: Kinection

Omarion has never been a favorite of mine when it came to artists, or music. I admit, “Ice Box” is and forever will be a classic record. I remember that being the first song I body popped to. But that is the only song of his that I can relate to. Albeit, he has an…More

Lockdown 2.0 Feels Different

We can all cast our minds back to the day the first lock-down was enforced. The majority of us knew what was in store, as we had already witnessed other countries go into lock-down via social media and the news. Prior to it happening in the UK. I can remember how it was initially supposed…More

Set Your Own Pace

One thing I have noticed is that – sometimes we find ourselves being manipulated or influenced by the changes to our surroundings. Something that psychologists refer to as entrainment… “The bio-musicological sense refers to the synchronization of organisms to an external perceived rhythm such as human music and dance. Humans are the only species for…More