The Hiatus is Over… I Think… Maybe

*taps microphone* Is this thing still on? It has been a while since my last post, I tried to push through the hard and confusing year that was 2020. I realised earlier this year that it was okay to just stop creating content and take a break. Now after some reflection and meditation on the [...]

A Glimpse of Silk Sonic

Bruno Mars and Anderson. Paak gave the masses a taste of what's to come and increased anticipation for the duo's joint-album with the record "Leave The Door Open". The news of their collaboration late last month was exhilarating. Bruno Mars had that run a few years back (2012-2016), where every record he dropped was elite. [...]

Who Is Joyce Wrice?

Joyce Wrice is a name I've been seeing and hearing a lot lately. Whether that be on music podcasts, the radio on Apple Music, or on my social media timelines. The algorithms have been hard at work because she has been on my screen frequently, and rightly so, she's pretty amazing. But who is she? [...]