Is The “Deluxe” A Filler?

Musicians and artists have been re-packaging already released albums, adding a handful of "B-Side" records at the end, slapping "deluxe" on it and calling it a day for as long as I can remember. To compare this sort of behaviour, it would be like Apple Inc. releasing the same phone with subtle changes and calling [...]

In A Bit of a Pickle

The sun is shining a lot more & the government has shared its "roadmap" out of the current national lockdown. Things are starting to look much more positive than they were at the beginning of 2021. A step-by-step plan was made that will hopefully lead to the loosening of social distancing measures by June 21st. [...]

5 Artists You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

Music is such a great pastime, motivator and comforter, an ancient way of expression. Music was heavily integrated with the lifestyle of our ancestors millennia's ago and continues to go strong today with us. With much more time on our hands, we are granted the opportunity to delve into our interests, both old and new. [...]