Money Can’t Buy You Happiness…?

Some discussions never seem to get solved. Classed as ongoing debates and revisited now and again. This particular debate has been ongoing for as long as I can remember and almost certainly long before I existed. With this discussion, I have noticed patterns. Individuals with financial stability argue that money does not buy you happiness, [...]

Boris Johnson and Capitalism

Boris Johnson isn't the first disliked Prime Minister, and he certainly won't be the last. "Being disliked" seems to come with the territory of being Prime Minister. However, one thing that Boris (along with his recently impeached doppelganger) possess, that past PM's did not, is the title of "worst ever". Some may say that Margaret [...]

The Need For Attention

Instinctively as social creatures; the need, or rather the desire for attention. Whether it be insignificant or significant, its always present. Being granted attention seems to send our dopamine hormone levels on a frenzy. It becomes addictive, on par with drugs and alcohol. Moreover, the fact that "attention" can now be monetized in the age [...]