Publishing Rights & Loyalties

What’s the deal with artists, recording labels, publishing companies and what seems like a never-ending fight over publishing rights? For the people that aren’t too familiar with what publishing rights are. In music, these rights are put in place in favour of a songwriter, producer and/or publisher. These rights are put in place so that…More

Jack of Many Trades

Before I continue, I’d like to say that I’m aware of my lateness to this subject. But, in my defence, I didn’t follow basketball the way I do prior to The Last Dance miniseries. Moreover, the talent is too great to not talk about. Basketball and music go somewhat hand-in-hand, both are under the umbrella…More

Can You Purchase a Billboard No. 1?

Remember when having a number 1 record was an accolade you earned with hard work and a loyal fan base? Well, if I’m to believe the words of Ratatouille star Daniel Hernandez. Then you don’t need either to accomplish such a goal. Billboard Top 100 have been accused of manipulating chart stats and numbers in…More