The Need For Attention

Instinctively as social creatures; the need, or rather the desire for attention. Whether it be insignificant or significant, its always present. Being granted attention seems to send our dopamine hormone levels on a frenzy. It becomes addictive, on par with drugs and alcohol. Moreover, the fact that "attention" can now be monetized in the age [...]

Does Death Scare You?

I know... talking about death is never a comfortable conversation. However, it is one of, if not the only certainty we have in life. Therefore, I believe talking about it should be done more often. Majority of the people reading this are still relatively young. Death isn't on your mind, its not the forefront of [...]

Intermittent Fasting (Continued)

My first blog about intermittent fasting was received pretty well, so I decided to return with an update on my journey with the time restricted practice. So, my 36HR fast went down well. It was during the fast that I came to terms with the kind of relationship I have with food. I don’t remember [...]